About Us

At Gill, we firmly believe in cutting out the nonsense and getting straight to the point. Dandruff can have a serious effect on your life and our Gill shampoos are formulated to make sure you don’t have to deal with that. Our mission is to make sure your hair looks great, feels great and is dandruff-free. And our products are pretty good at doing just that. 

We know that different people have unique haircare requirements. Some people have oily hair that leaves it feeling dirty, even when they’ve just washed it. Some people have dry hair and a scalp that gets itchy and irritable. And other people simply have normal hair with a dandruff problem. Our range of 2 in 1 anti-dandruff conditioning shampoos and regular shampoos has a product to suit every type of hair. 

When you have problem hair or an irritated scalp, it is always important that you use the right products with the right ingredients. And that is why you’ll find we do extensive research into what works for every kind of hair. Each Gill shampoo has been thoroughly tested so you know you’re only getting the best product for your hair. 

Whether you’re looking to reduce the appearance of dandruff in oily hair or cure a dry scalp, using Gill shampoos regularly is exactly what you need.