4 simple tips for cleaning out your home

4 simple tips for cleaning out your home

There’s nothing better than the feeling you have after you clean out your home. Ridding your house of all the junk, cleaning absolutely everything and de-cluttering your life will leave you feeling like a brand new person. And it has the added benefit of making your home look great after everything has been done.

Of course, it’s not easy clearing out your home and organising all your possessions. But you can do it and, once it’s done, you’ll be pleased you put in the time, energy and effort. So, if this is something you know your home needs, then here are six simple tips to help you along the way.

Go through the house room by room

The bedroom is always the best place to start. It’s where you’ve probably accumulated most of the junk. And, if you have children, moving on to their bedrooms next is also a good idea. Think about it for a moment. Where do you keep all your sentimental items? Where do you keep your clothes? And where do you keep all those things you don’t really know where to put? The answer is probably your bedroom. So start there. The kitchen and living room can wait until last.

Throw out first, clean later 

You may want to clean as you go along. It seems logical, doesn’t it? But the thing is, you’ll soon run out of energy and give up after a room or two. Cleaning is something you have to do anyway, so you can leave it until last and not risk giving up. Even if you take a break for a day and do all the sweeping, scrubbing and washing after a good night’s sleep, you know it will get done. Plus, you’ll feel great when you’re done and dusted with it all. Pro tip: once you’re done, spray some Airoma throughout the house to add to the fresh feel of your new, clutter-free home.

Be ruthless

You need to be strict with yourself, especially if you’re a naturally sentimental person. You simply cannot keep everything. Sure, the photo albums from all those years ago are priceless and you should keep them. But do you need all those love letters written by your high school sweetheart? The answer is “no”. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking you’ll throw out stuff at a later stage because you probably won’t.

Make piles

When going through all your things, put them into piles. The items you’ve definitely used in the past six months, things you’re certain you’ll still use in the next few months, and those you haven’t touched in ages and aren’t likely to touch in the near future. This will help you decide what is worth keeping. The first pile is made up of items you can hold onto. The second pile is your “maybe” pile and you should spend some time considering whether to throw out or keep these things. And the third pile you have to get rid of. Go through what you’re throwing out and decide what you can give to charity or sell. Cleaning out your home is not always the best experience, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be done in no time. And, if you have the right attitude, you may even enjoy it.