6 gifts for women who love their homes

6 gifts for women who love their homes

Buying gifts can be difficult sometimes. Especially when it’s for a woman who already seems to have everything she wants. Her closet is filled with the most stylish clothing. Her accessories inspire envy wherever she goes. Most importantly, each room in her home looks like the set of a shoot for a glossy lifestyle magazine. She has incredible taste and anyone who’s ever been invited into her home knows this. Which is why you need to find a gift that speaks to her impeccable taste. 
So, what do you buy the woman who has everything? Well, what about something truly special to add to the incredible look of her house? The following six gift ideas are perfect for the women who love their homes and show it in every way.    

Scatter cushions

When it comes to decor, scatter cushions can add something special to any home. They’re versatile as they can be used in the bedroom, the living room or the entertainment area. Nothing has the ability to transform the look and feel of any sofa or bed than a few well-placed scatter cushions. Even if she already has a few of these around her house, she’ll have no problem finding a place for the ones you give her. 
They also come in a variety of colours and textures. Some have prints or patterns while others are all about the feel of the fabric. Of course, you already know the overall look of the home, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a few cushions to match her taste. If you’re wondering how many of these to purchase, three is always a good number. One for each side of the bed or couch and one to go in the centre. You can choose to mix and match your gift according to the colour scheme of her house or stick to one statement colour, pattern or texture. Take your cue from the rest of her decor. 

Airoma’s Mangwanani Spa range

The perfect home isn’t only about appearances. It’s about scent as well. The right fragrance sets the mood and atmosphere. So, you know she’ll appreciate Airoma’s Mangwanani Spa range as it was designed to help you relax and unwind. The instant your friend uses one of these products, she’ll feel as though she’s been transported to a spa resort far away from the demands of everyday life. 
The range includes African Desert, African Forest and African Sun fragrances available in both aerosol sprays and automatic room mists. A gift pack filled with these will let her pick and choose a scent to suit the atmosphere she wants to create at the time. 

Handcrafted picture frames

A woman who loves her home and fills it with only the best items, won’t have ordinary mass-produced picture frames hanging on her walls. Instead, she’ll want hand-crafted picture frames made with only the best quality wood. These are often long-lasting, just like the memories she chooses to display throughout the house. Hand-crafted picture frames are works of art on their own. 
You won’t find these in an average retail outlet. You should visit boutique furniture stores, specialist stores that sell work from up and coming artists or even trendy markets. Take your time when choosing the right product. Feel the wood it’s made from. Is it solid? What’s the texture like? Has it been treated with specialised products so it won’t suffer from wear and tear in the future?

A throw blanket

Winter has arrived and with it comes rainy days and ice cold nights. So, what could be a better gift at this time of year than a warm, thick, beautifully-designed throw blanket? Just like scatter cushions, a throw blanket works both in the bedroom and living room. It can be draped over a couch or neatly folded at the bottom of a bed. The, when the cold nights hit, she can curl up with her brand new throw blanket while she reads a book, watches TV or simply dozes off. 
It’s important to remember that this isn’t an ordinary blanket, it’s a throw blanket. It’s not only meant for warmth but decoration as well. This means that you should be looking for something that’s aesthetically pleasing and suits the colour scheme of your friend’s home. Of course, you should focus on the quality and feel of the fabric as well. If there isn’t a label on the blanket, you should check with the sales assistant how the blanket should be washed. You don’t want your friend accidentally sticking it in the washing machine when it should be hand washed. 

Coffee plunger set or teapot set

There’s nothing better during the winter months than a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea. You get some truly stylish coffee plungers and teapots. To make it a little more special, look for coffee plungers that come with matching mugs or a teapot that comes with a milk jug and some tea cups. You can also put your own set together if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Add a little something extra by buying premium beans or imported teas as well. 

Coffee table book

A coffee table book is more than simply an interesting ornament, it’s something to keep guests busy while the host is fetching tea or coffee. A woman who loves her home naturally enjoys having guests over and frequently has people popping by to visit. However, it’s not only about the guests. A coffee table book should most importantly be beautiful to look at, both inside and out. Photography collections, artwork or design books make the best coffee table books.