5 things to take with you on a road trip

5 things to take with you on a road trip

There’s nothing better than hitting the road with good friends. Whether you take a few days off work or you just go away for the weekend, you know you’re going to have some good times. It doesn’t even matter what your destination is, it’s about the journey and the fun you’ll have on the long drive.

But you have to be prepared. Even if it’s a spontaneous trip you haven’t planned for, there are some things you should never leave home without. Here are five of things you should definitely have on your checklist.

An emergency pack

This is your number one priority. You never know what could happen while you’re out on the road and far from people who can help you. So, you should have an easily accessible emergency pack. This includes all the basics you’ll need from plasters, bandages and antiseptic cream to painkillers and allergy medication. Of course, if you have special medication you need to take every day, this should also be put in the kit or carried on you.

Snacks, water and cool drinks

You need to stay hydrated. Whether it’s winter or summer, you should always have water on you. And obviously, snacks aren’t negotiable. What’s a road trip without food to pass around the car as you make your way through mountain passes and farmland? You may think you’ll just stop along the way but, unless you’ve made this trip countless times before, you never know when you’ll find the next shop. You may suddenly find you’re thirsty when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Extra clothing

Yes, you’ve packed a bag and probably have every item of clothing you need for the days you’ll be away. But that will be carefully packed away in the boot. You should have a spare jersey and T-shirt in the car in case you get cold or spill coffee on yourself. You don’t want to have to stop on the side of the road to dig through everything. It’ll waste time and you’ll be stuck packing everything back again.

Skincare products

You want to be comfortable for the duration of the journey. That’s why skincare products are so important. You don’t want to have a dry face, dry arms or dry hands. Even though it may not seem like a big deal, you’ll be aware of it the whole time and it will bug you. You should of course also pack sunscreen. Even if there’s just a subtle ray of sunshine on you, it’ll be on you for a concentrated period of time because you can’t move out the way. You don’t want to arrive at your destination with a weird tan or, even worse, sunburn. And if you do get sunburned, you can always use Ingram’s Herbal Camphor Cream. This product will both moisturise the burned skin and help it heal.

Good music

No road trip is complete without a good playlist. You need great tunes to drive to and sing along with while you spend hours on the road. Just think carefully about what songs you choose as not everyone in the car may like your taste in music and you want everyone to be happy. Wherever you’re headed, road tripping is a great way to get there. So, pack these five things into your car and enjoy the open road.