6 simple ways to prepare your home for guests

6 simple ways to prepare your home for guests

Whether it’s having your family over during the festive season or hosting your friends from another city for a weekend, having guests stay with you isn’t always easy. Of course, you want them there, that’s why you invited them in the first place. But that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult having other people in your space. It takes a lot of effort and energy to have people stay with you, no matter how much you care for them.  

You want them to be comfortable, entertained and happy at all times. All good hosts feel that way. You want to make sure they’ve been fed, that they have time to themselves, that the house is always clean and you’re available whenever they need anything. There’s just so much to do. But if you properly prepare your home before your guests arrive, you’ll find the whole process will go much more smoothly. 

Here are six simple ways to prepare your home for guests.

Clean, clean, clean Yes, you were probably planning to do this anyway but it should be first on the list. You’re going to struggle to clean when your guests arrive as you’ll want to spend time with them. And you don’t want to start with the rest of your to-do list without having cleaned beforehand. Of course, you have to clean all areas thoroughly and not just make the house look pretty as people will actually be living in the space. Focus on the communal areas, the bathroom and guest bedroom. If you run out of time, you can ignore the master bedroom.  

Kit out the bathroom There are two places where your guests will definitely be spending time and that’s the bathroom and their bedroom. So, you need to ensure that everything is perfect there. Fresh towels, brand new soaps, shampoo and conditioner, and all the extras people need when they’re staying somewhere. Your guests will most likely bring their own toiletries but they might not bring their own toothpaste and facecloths so kit out the bathroom with these items. It’s not like they’ll go to waste if they’re not used. 

Stock the kitchen The last thing you want to have to do when you have guests is go grocery shopping. So, stock up the fridge and cupboards the day before they arrive. This may mean you have to plan meals ahead of time and that’s probably a good idea (even if the menu changes later). You should also have snacks and drinks available for when your guests feel peckish or thirsty. Make a thorough list before you hit the stores so you don’t forget anything important. It’s always better to have more food than end up running out. Just check the expiry dates on all the products as you don’t want to waste anything.   

Prepare the guest bedroom This is where your guests will sleep and rest up between all the fun activities you’ve planned. That’s why you need to pay particular attention to this area. Naturally, you should start with fresh linen. This is not the time to put your second best bedding sets in the spare room. You should use only the best you have. Even if that means you’re using old sheets in the master bedroom. If you want to make your guests feel extra special during their stay, add a mint or a chocolate on the pillows.  

Freshen up the air There are few things worse than welcoming guests into a home that is filled with stagnant air and unpleasant odours. While you may feel like the air in your home is fine, always remember that you will have become used to whatever smells there are in the house. So, open up all the windows and doors to completely air out the home. Then spray a pleasant fragrance throughout the house. You’ll find the perfect scent for your home in our wide range of Airoma products. You want your guests to feel comfortable and happy as soon as they walk through your front door, so don’t skip this step. 

Rearrange your furniture Obviously you’re used to having a certain amount of people in your home. The number of chairs in your living room is perfect for you and your family. Your couch is perfectly suited for watching some evening TV together. However, there will soon be more people in this space and they will need somewhere to sit and relax. So, move things around to accommodate the extra bodies. Take your time when doing this as you want to make sure the room doesn’t feel overcrowded and people don’t have to climb over things. 

Having guests stay with you isn’t always the easiest thing. But it can be an amazing experience if you properly prepare your home beforehand. So, make sure to do these six things and enjoy the time you’re going to spend with friends or family.