How to live with renovations

How to live with renovations

Renovating your home is guaranteed to be a stressful time. If you have nowhere else to stay while walls are being knocked down and new floors are being put in, you’re going to feel uncomfortable in your home for a while. Which is okay because you know you’re going to have a beautiful new room or completely revamped kitchen when everything has been done and dusted. However, you’re going to have to survive in the chaos of the renovations and here is how to do that in the best way possible.
Don’t bother cleaning the area

You’re going to be pulling out your hair if you try keep the area being renovated clean. It’s just not going to stay that way for more than five minutes. There will be dust, rubble and tools lying around so don’t bother wasting your time with a broom. Accept that your house will not be as spotless as it usually is. 
Get out as much as possible

When there are people smashing up parts of your home, you don’t want to be there. You may want to supervise at the beginning of the day and check that you like what’s been done before the contractor leaves, but for the rest of those daylight hours, you should escape the construction. Plan days out with your family, visit friends or treat yourself to a spa day. 
Find a way to deal with the noise pollution

There will be noise. A lot of it. If you want to avoid the worst headache you’ve ever had, find a way to block it out. Noise cancelling headphones are a safe bet. You can plug them into your phone or laptop and play music or watch movies. Ear plugs are also a good idea, but you may become irritated having them inside your ears all day. 
Mask the smell of bricks and cement

It may not bother you at first, but after a while you’ll become sick of the scent of construction. If you want, you can keep fresh flowers in your bedroom or the living room but they may not last. Your best bet is to use an Airoma aerosol throughout the house. Try out all the different products in our wide range and decide what scent works best for you and your home. 
Remain positive

Think about how great your house will look when the renovations are done. Remember that you’re going through all this for a reason. You chose to take on this project with an objective in mind. Keep thinking about the end result. You may be living in unpleasant circumstances right now but it will all be over eventually.