The incredible power of the right fragrance

The incredible power of the right fragrance

Think about what your home smells like. Picture walking through the front door with your eyes closed and try to remember the scent. That scent will stay with you forever. You may not know it or be able to describe it, but if you ever smell that scent, you’ll feel like you’re right back there at home. 

Now take a moment to think about your favourite place on earth. It can be a specific beach you visited while away on an island holiday. It can be a five star restaurant you make a reservation at every time you have something special to celebrate. Or it could simply be the house where you grew up. When you think about this place, can you recall the scent of the room, the fragrance in the air or the pleasantly familiar scent?

Every place, person and plant has a unique scent. It’s not something we often notice but if we close our eyes and concentrate, we’ll be able to identify everything we smell. 

This is why the right fragrance can be so incredibly powerful. It can help you relax or give you energy. It can affect your mood or change the atmosphere of a room. And the right fragrance can bring back the most amazing memories.  

The right fragrance can help you relax You’ve obviously heard about aromatherapy and how it can help you relax. Even when you’re so stressed that you can’t think of anything but your to-do list, the right aromatherapy products can ease your mind and body. The benefits of aromatherapy are great and come in many different forms. It can help with anything from clearing your mind so you can meditate to ordering your thoughts when you’re so busy that you can’t think straight. 

Every person is different when it comes to fragrances that relax them. But the most common scents people use to unwind include: lavender, vanilla and chamomile. To start out, try a few different aromatherapy diffusers and see what works for you. There’s no reason for you stay stressed when a certain scent or fragrance can make you feel so much better.    

The right fragrance can help you concentrate and be more productive Just like a bad odour can distract you when you’re trying to answer an email or are writing a report, a pleasant odour can better your ability to concentrate. That’s why many offices have room scents to increase the level of productivity. 

The right fragrance can affect your mood Have you ever walked into a room and felt your mood instantly change? You can’t quite put your finger on it but you immediately feel better than you did before you walked in the door? That’s probably because of the scent in the room. That’s why many people use specific perfumes that make them feel happy and want to face the day with a smile on their face.  Fragrances that make you happy vary according to your personal taste. But many people enjoy pine, citrus and certain flowers. Even the scent of freshly cut grass and sunscreen can lift your mood. 

The right fragrance can change the atmosphere of a room When you want to set the right atmosphere in a room, you should try using a specific fragrance or air freshener. Many people do this when they host people for a dinner party or a brunch. It doesn’t even have to be a room scent product, it can be the scent of a delicious roast or fresh flowers. In fact, many real estate agents use the smell of freshly baked goods when they have an open house as it makes people instantly feel comfortable. 

So, when you have an event at home or at the workplace, test out different scents and see what reactions they get. Decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create and think carefully about what scent would work for the occasion. For example, if you want people to feel awake and refreshed when they arrive, then try a fragrance with citrus undertones.  

The right fragrance can bring back memories Every person has special moments stored in their minds that make them feel great. These moments are not necessarily significant events but they are special. There are certain scents that will instantly take you back to one of those moments. It’s like when you smell an item of clothing that belongs to loved one, it makes you think of them and all the special times you’ve shared together.  

People don’t often think about how a certain scent can relax them, making it easier to concentrate, improve their mood, change the atmosphere of a room and bring back memories. So, the next time you walk into a room, inhale and notice how it makes you feel.