Top 10 cleaning tips

Top 10 cleaning tips

Everybody wants a clean home. You want to feel comfortable when you walk through the door and nobody feels comfortable in a messy and dirty home. It can be extremely difficult to relax in a home that feels grimy and full of filth. That’s why it’s so important to regularly clean your home. 

So, to make things a little easier on you, here are top 10 cleaning tips for your home. 

Tidy first

You can’t clean a messy house. Those toys, clothes, mugs and blankets lying around are going to get in your way. Make sure to clear everything out of each room before you start cleaning. But don’t simply put them out of sight in a cupboard. Instead, fold everything neatly and put it in its place. 

Begin with the dishes

The dishes are the easiest to clean. And, very often, people put them off until the last minute. Your dishes should already be rinsed before they go into the sink. That way you simply have to do a bit of scrubbing, dry them and pack them away. And if you have a dishwasher, this should be the easiest part of cleaning your home. 

Wipe each and every surface

Next, you should focus on the surfaces. Start with the kitchen surfaces and then move on to your dining room table and any coffee tables you have.  

Move furniture around

Dust gathers underneath your couches, beds and chairs. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Which is why you need to move around all your furniture, that way you can get to the hard to reach areas. So, before you even grab your broom, try to empty the room of all furniture if you can.  

Sweep the floors

If you have tiles or wooden floors, make sure to sweep every centimetre of the floors. You don’t want dust gathering in the corners of the rooms. 

And then mop the floors

Once you’re done sweeping the floors, it’s time to mop. Make sure the mop is completely clean before you use it. If you don’t, you’ll simply be moving dirt around the floor. And it’s also a good idea to clean the mop after each room. 

Vacuum all carpets in the house

Your carpets may look clean. There may not be any obvious dirt or stains. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid cleaning them. The dust that gathers in carpets can easily cause allergies or sinus problems. 

Wash curtains, linen and upholstery

Don’t leave the curtains, linen and upholstery for later. You may want to focus on the basics at the moment, but if you wait to do it later, you’ll never get it done. You want your home to be spotless when you’re finished. And that includes the curtains, linen and upholstery.

Get rid of the garbage as you go along

Don’t leave dustbin bags filled with garbage and dirt lying around as you clean. Rather take each bag outside as you go along. Otherwise, you’ll have a house filled with black bags at the end and they may leave marks on the floor where they’ve been sitting. 

Add a pleasant scent

Finally, when your house is completely spotless, add a pleasant scent. Airoma has a range of air fresheners that will leave your home smelling delightful.